Dutch employees can choose full-time and part-time

Spending time with family is important for Dutch people. They work hard during working hours and leave the office on time. In Holland, it’s natural for a family to enjoy having dinner with the father at home.

One of working systems that makes this possible is that they can choose their work style between full-time (work 5 days a week) and part-time. Actually, 38.5% of employees in Holland is part-time work. (*1)

There is no difference between full-time and part-time, except for the difference of salary caused by working hours.

It’s forbidden to make a distinction between the two, such as hourly wage, social insurance, employment period, promotion etc. It’s stipulated in the law that companies should treat both equally in proportion to the number of working hours.

With the system, Dutch people can change their jobs from full-time to part-time or vice-versa to fit their lifestyle.

For example, while the child is small, husband and wife change their work style to part-time so that they can raise their child together. In Japan, we can see few scenes where the husband and wife play with their children at the park on weekdays, but it’s common in Holland.

This system is one of the reasons why Dutch kids are among the happiest in the world, according to Unicef.

*1) Holland Compared 2nd Ed 2017

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