The importance of having a satisfying room in the house

What do you want to tell most to Japanese people, based on your experience living in Holland? I asked a Japanese girl moving to Holland.

She said ‘The importance of having a satisfying room as my comfortable space in the house’.

For Dutch people, it’s important to create the comfortable space in the house, and there are various lifestyle tips in the room to enjoy their life.

When you visit Dutch houses, you will find that they enjoy creating their space to be comfortable. Some Dutch like cooking so they have lots of kitchen utensils around, and others like shelves and design the room with a variety of decorative shelves.

As Dutch can buy seasonal various flowers at low cost, they use it to decorate their houses, they also like gardening and DIY to design the rooms and houses. There is a trend of interior design but basically, it’s important to be ‘a comfortable space for ourselves’.

They will invite their friends to their comfortable and beautiful space to make a relationship with them. Dutch people are known for not working overtime but they can create relationship mainly at home after work.

This is the opposite way compared to Japanese which have ‘Nominication’ with eating and drinking out.

In addition, most Japanese close the curtain in the room because they don’t like to be seen by other people from outside. However, Dutch open their curtains, so you can see the inside of their house, like people reading a book and studying something in the room while you’re walking on the streets of Holland.

When you see the scenery of beautiful Dutch rooms shared as you pass by, you will feel that the rooms look like pictures that decorated the city.

‘Dutch people will know that having comfortable rooms and spending their time to create them has a very good impact on their work and life’, she said.

‘I never felt like this when I lived in Japan’.

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