What kind of impression do the Japanese have with the Netherlands?

We researched what kind of impression the Japanese have with the Netherlands.

1. What do you yearn for Holland?

About 80% of Japanese people feel the attractiveness of sightseeing as impressions of Holland. They also have an interest in the artists like Van Gogh and Vermeer.

2. Which of these items are you familiar with in Holland?

Over 75% of Japanese people know wooden shoes and Miffy as famous items in Holland.

3. Which of these items do you want to learn more?

Over 50% of Japanese people are interested in Van Gogh and Vermeer, and Miffy. These are brand names representing specific persons and characters. In addition, the number of answers are the same or lower than the No.2, except for cookie. It means that Japanese people know these items but they don’t have a strong interest in them.

4. Do you want to use online shop if you find one that sells products from Holland?

However, many of Japanese people answered that if they find an online shop selling items from Holland, they want to visit or look at it. Together with the answers of No.2 and No.3, it shows that Japanese people already know famous Dutch items, but they expect that there are still other attractive items from Holland.

5. How often do you shop online?

About 40% Japanese people answered that they use online shops twice a month or more. This answer is average compared to the whole Japanese.

6. What’s your gender?

83% of responses are from a female.

7. What’s your age group?

Most of the responses are belong to over 40 age group.

8. If you have something that you want to introduce to other people regarding Holland, please tell me.

  • Concertgebouw
  • Rembrandt
  • licorice candy
  • Herring
  • Museums and zoos
  • Beautiful houses and cityscape
  • Furniture and tableware
  • Soccer
  • Smart agriculture
  • Long history of Japan–Netherlands relations
  • Work Sharing and education system
  • Go cycling
The way of questionnaire
  • Type : Internet research
  • Place : Facebook, Instagram
  • Target :
    [Age] 18 – 65+
    [Language] Japanese
    [Interests] Holland or Netherlands
  • Period : Oct. 28th – Nov. 10th, 2017
  • Number of respondents : 111
  • Note : The messages written in the free entry area were not included in the page.

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