Bridge to Japan

Could you tell us about your experience regarding Dutch wisdom?

Please tell us your story, one that you are very interested in or amazed about the wisdom of Dutch culture or Dutch lifestyle tips you have experienced. We’d like to share it on our webpage.

Do you have anything that you want to sell to Japan?

We have some networks such as Dutch who live in Tokyo and Japanese who are interested in Holland. If you plan to sell your products in Japan and you’d like to learn how Japanese feel about your products, please contact us.

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Why don’t you join #unseenbeautyholland?

We believe that the wisdom of Dutch lifestyle is in their rooms and around their houses. Dutch people have the knowledge to make their work and life happy by designing their rooms comfortably.

Could you please tell us your design knowledge of rooms or gardens by posting photos on your Instagram?
Use the hashtag #unseenbeautyholland.

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