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We, Japanese, are sharing and giving you stories we have heard from Dutch and Japanese people, about the attractiveness of Holland, especially about lifestyle.

Our mission is to leave you an idea of how to live your daily life happily through the wisdom of Dutch lifestyle.

The Dutch people are proud of their own culture and lifestyle. Thus, it helped in getting the rank number 6th for the Netherlands in the “World Happiness Ranking 2017”.

We hope as Japanese, we can find new and different ideas to add to our daily life through the lifestyle tips the Dutch people have.

For example, spending time with the family is important for Dutch people. They work hard during working hours and leave the office on time. In Holland, it’s natural for a family to enjoy having dinner with the father at home.

We also found this interesting. Dutch people design the comfortable rooms in the house, and there are various lifestyle tips on it to enjoy their life. They will know that having comfortable space and spending their time to create them has a very good impact on their work and life.


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